Hello dear WOOF! fans!

Please meet Lisa, our newest addition to our dog walking team in Sonoma County. Lisa comes to WOOF! with a long history of dog care and interaction, not to mention she has many dogs of her own. Her pet population currently sits at 6 (3 German Shepards, 1 Pomapoo and 2 cats) plus an aviary with doves, canaries and finches! Wow! Lisa also trains puppies in her spare time with Sirius Puppy Training and would love to teach your new pup how to roll over, sit and say “thank you” and other wild and fun things while doing puppy visits in your home!

To learn more about Lisa S. please visit our about us page and scroll down to find her. She is currently doing dog walking in Petaluma, Novato, Penngrove, Rohnert Park and Cotati for many happy and satisfied doggies.

To request walks and or visits with Lisa today, please contact us at (707) 523-0227 or at woof@woofpetsittingsonoma.com!


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Hello furry WOOF! friends!

Many of our Sonoma County pet sitting clients hire us to care for their pets when they travel and we are now offering mid-day dog walking as well! Our Marin County dog walking clients have been so pleased with our dog walking services we decided to offer this service to our Sonoma County clients!

A little background on our business…

We actually started as a dog walking company in 1995 and evolved into a pet sitting company. Having our name be WOOF! Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service seemed too long so we shortened it to simply: WOOF! Pet Sitting Service. (And we still provide dog walking even though it’s not a part of our business name anymore.)

Unlike most dog walking companies, we don’t walk many dogs at one time. In fact, the maximum number of dogs  our dog walkers walk at one time is three dogs per walk.

And if you want a private walk for your dog we are happy to do that instead of a group walk. Just let us know.

We can do trail hikes, dog park excursions, backyard playtime at your home. Really, whatever you think would give you dog the most fun is what we want to do. So let us know what that might be when you meet with one of our walkers to discuss your dog walking needs. We are also happy to mix it up a bit so your dog doesn’t get bored. Who wants a bored dog? Not us. And certainly not your dog.

Here are 5 of the benefits for having your dog walked with WOOF! Sonoma County Pet Sitting (and Dog Walking) Service:

1) Your dog won’t beg, plead or give you the hairy eyeball to go on a walk right when you come home from work. You can just be with your dog without running out the door with leash in tow. What a concept. You can relax when you come up from work. Your dog can relax because (s)he has already had a great walk that day!

2) Your dog will be leaner. No, I’m not talking wanting your dog to look like a supermodel but yes, I am talking health here. With being leaner comes a longer life expectancy and a zeal and zest for life that you will visibly notice after your dog has gotten into a regular walk/run routine with one of our walkers.

3) Your dog will sleep through the night. Thus you will sleep better through the night. Enough said.

4) Your dog can make friends. That’s right: if you sign up for a small group dog walk (3 dogs maximum) your dog will actually make regular doggie friends that (s)he will see at a regular time on regular days and develop a relationship with these dogs.

5) You can go to work worry-free knowing your dog is having a total and utter blast in nature, running, playing and being the dog (s)he was meant to be! We are here to guarantee that your dog has a blast. And we intend to make sure that happens with each walk we go on.

Want to meet one of our Sonoma County dog walkers? We’d love to meet with you and your dog. Call (707) 523-0227 to set up an appointment.

Click here to find out more about our Sonoma County Dog Walking service and the rates.

Click here to to read testimonials from our happy Sonoma County clients.

We look forward to adding to YOUR dog’s well-being and happiness through our dog walking service.

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During this holiday season it’s important to keep an eye on our pets to make sure they stay safe.

Here are some guidelines to ensure that you and your pets have a happy holiday:

  • Keep poinsettias from out of your dog and cat’s reach. They can be mildly toxic.
  • Keep chocolate and meat bones from your pets.
  • Make sure the garbage is out of reach.

We still have availability for holiday pet sitting so call us today for your holiday pet sitting needs at (415) 435-0227 or (707) 523-0227. We look forward to helping you with all your pet care needs!

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Do we provide pet sitting in Santa Rosa?

What about dog sitting and cat sitting in Santa Rosa?

These are questions we get asked a lot.

And the answer?

YES, YES. Or if you prefer: Woof! Woof! (or Meow).

So call us for your pet sitting, dog walking and cat sitting needs in Santa Rosa.

We are here for you!

Here’s our number: 707-523-0227

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Petaluma pet sitting.

Yes, it’s true. We at WOOF! Pet Sitting Service cover ALL of Sonoma County for pet sitting and due to the large pet (and human!) population in Petaluma we have many, many dogs and cats that we lovingly care for in this beautiful town.

If you live in Petaluma and are looking for pet sitting visits, overnight pet sitting in your home, cat sitting, and/or dog sitting we are YOUR pet care company!

Dogs ask for us by name: Woof.

Cats utter a quiet meow.

Either way we come running for all your pet care needs!

We are here to help.

Call us at (707) 523-0227 to set up your pet sitting reservation now.

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August 19, 2010

We sometimes get calls from kitty moms and dads who ask, ” Do you care for kitties too?” Our reply: A big hearty ‘YES!’ Even though our name is the sound a dog makes don’t let that scare you away if you are a kitty mom or dad. We are an equal opportunity pet sitting […]

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And hello Sonoma county!  The Woof Blog has now begun.

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